Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Let's go to Mantalinga Island

Mantalinga Island or Good Luck Island beckons from across the sea. Just under 20 minutes from Baybay beach in Roxas City, it's rocky shores, tidal pools and sweeping view of Baybay are enough reasons to make the short crossing. 

   Mantalinga Island

   Tidal pools

   Maybe this island should be renamed Skull Island

   Rocky shores

   Baybay Beach

   Perfect spot for introspection

    Fishermen wait for dark before setting out to sea

It's easy to hire a boatman for the ride to Mantalinga. Our fare was P500 for five people. Any of the hotels on the beach can arrange this trip for you. Best time to cross is during the early morning hours before the temperature soars.


Images by TravelswithCharie

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