Sunday, December 17, 2006


Since November we’ve managed with just four borrowed, plastic chairs and one round table. It was really nice to come home and be able to eat our meals properly. I also use the table to talk with contractors and discuss plans for my 3 cottages. Or when friends come over, to sit around and enjoy a round of conversation while munching on “pitchi- pitchi” or junk food as we say in English.

I had my assistant scout around for bamboo furniture for the living room. One day she came home quite excited over having found a sofa at the market for about $30.00. We went to the furniture store where she saw the bamboo settee but by the time we got there, it had already been sold. We browsed the shops for a sofa but none appealed to me.

The apartments next door to mine have beautiful custom made furniture. I took pictures of these with the intention of finding a furniture maker to make one for me. The apartment manager referred us to the person who made their furniture and I saw the man on Wednesday. After browsing through his catalog, I found the loveseat I liked and asked him to make me one just like it. On Friday I went to his shop to check on the progress and I was pleased to see how well it turned out. On Saturday afternoon he delivered the rattan sofa which I had asked him to stain in dark walnut. He did a great job in only three days. I can’t imagine where I would have been able to find this kind of quality workmanship and fast turnaround.

The sofa is now in my living room but I don’t use it much. It is currently where I’ve stacked my Christmas presents. I’m glad it’s full of gifts because I am a little bit hesitant to sit on it and wear it out. I like to keep it new.

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